Powderham Castle
Powderham Castle

Around since the 1300s, Powderham Castle is one of the most loved attractions in Devon! The Castle, which opened to the public in 1957, is home to an incredible events programme throughout the year (as well as being open for tours and general admission too)! The Powderham team know how to get the very best out of their online ticketing and we're delighted to have been able to support them throughout the years. 

Building The Basics...

The journey started as you might expect, with ticketing! Our first port of call was to start planning the ticketing for the Castle and Grounds with the aim to expand from there. 

Like so many attractions we work with, the key is often to start simple when working with a new provider and then build on the basics. In this case, the most important operational priority was to get the admission tickets up and running, using our tried and tested user interface in order to ensure a nice, smooth customer journey. 

Our "Purchase Suggestions" feature was also utilised, generating a pop-up that appears whenever an admission ticket is purchased, offering a guided tour of the castle. It's these little tweaks that make sure the customers get the most options, in the easiest, most user-friendly way.  

Events, events, events!

Now, you might think that running a castle has its perks and it's safe to say that the Powderham Team would likely agree with you. Whilst the castle itself is a stand-alone attraction, its year-round events programme attracts thousands of visitors a year. 

From Shakespeare on the grounds to festivals and of course Christmas events! Planning so many events takes time, so having a system that can keep up with large amounts of footfall both online and on-site is important. An enticing and easy to use site-map is important, and our navigational tools helped keep the events page nice and neat. 

Here's what Powderham had to say...

Digitickets are pleasure to work with and allow us to run our ticketing effectively and without hassle. The teams flexibility is great, they are always so helpful and willing to take time to personally train and coach the team on new systems and new ways in which we can efficiently use the platform to run events and experiences at Powderham.

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