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Ok, so you’ve decided that you need to upgrade your ticketing solution, but initial research is leading you to the proverbial “needle in a haystack”? We get it.  No doubt you’ve come across 17 companies claiming to be “The UK’s no 1” and “multi-award winning”.  So, in a world overcome with spurious marketing claims and marketing fluff, how do you sort the wheat from the chaff?

Our top advice is to seek recommendations from the industry to whittle down a shortlist; then here’s a few questions to consider asking: -

1. What support do you offer?

Time and again we see the same claim.  “We offer industry-leading support”. But the specifics are well worth digging into - there’s a big difference between a well-trained team readily available to you 7 days a week vs an on-call individual tasked with dealing with unwelcome interruptions to their mobile at weekends. Ask for evidence of support KPIs, as any good company will relish the opportunity to share them with you.

2. What is your product roadmap and investment?

Like any tech, what’s fit for purpose now will likely fall out of date down the road, and at some point you’ll likely find yourself frustrated because your tech doesn’t keep pace with your aspirations. It’s always worth finding out the size of the dev team of your shortlisted suppliers, as knowing whether you’ll be dependent on a sole developer or a large team of experienced pros to keep pace with new trends and opportunities will certainly be key.  You can meet our team here.

3. What's the scope of your product offering?

Maximising success online is largely dependent on the ‘sum of the parts’.  Your ticketing won’t reach its full potential if your website is putting people off, managing staffing levels is harder than it needs to be if you don’t have transparency over pre-bookings, and selling thousands of tickets is pointless if you can’t get visitors through the gates quickly.  There’s a lot of value in a supplier that understands the entire visitor journey and has experience across booking systems, websites, epos, scheduling software, channel management, and more!  The question is “as your needs grow, are you confident that your chosen supplier will continue to meet them?”

4. Can we meet?

If after a 5 minute phone call, or an initial email enquiry, you’ve received an email within minutes containing your ‘personalised proposal’, walk away!  Given the importance of technology for your operations, suppliers that take pride in what they do will have an engagement process that involves detailed sessions with you at no cost or obligation.  Putting the technology aside, a lot comes down to the people, and the initial discussions are a great opportunity to get a feel for the culture and values, and whether the team is really focused on delivering the best possible results for you.

5. Who else do you work with, and for how long?

We’ve saved the big one until the end!  Credibility by association is a key element when choosing suppliers.  Always check out the portfolios of your shortlisted suppliers, speak with their clients, and visit them if you can - if your shortlisted supplier has many hundreds of clients, then it’s a reasonable assumption that they are getting a lot right!


Thanks for reading.  If you’ve read this and like the sound of a supplier that always puts clients first, is willing to really take the time to understand your needs, has one of the largest annual investments in continually improving their products, takes pride in delivering attentive service and support, and has a 15-year successful track record looking after more than 1,000 clients, then you’re on the right website! 

If you would like an initial discussion please call us anytime on 01392 826980, or leave your details with us and we’ll call you straight back.

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