British Garden Centres launch 53 sites with DigiTickets!

Christmas at British Garden Centres
British Garden Centres

With just 60 days to go until Christmas, the planning for the festive season is in full swing! With many of the British Garden Centres sites launching seasonal ticketing it was the perfect time to team up with DigiTickets.

It isn't Christmas if you don't visit a garden centre, and in our mind, they are quintessentially British. Whether you go for a tree, decorations or a grotto visit, garden centres are a definite place to go during the festive season. 

Not one, not two, not three but fifty-three centres... 

We like a challenge at DigiTickets, and supporting all of the British Garden Centres ticketing is quite the operation! Luckily, we're used to working with companies that have multi-venues and locations, so we were perfectly placed to take the project on. By utilising our branches module, we were able to streamline the back office operation of these sites into two main companies which housed the fifty-three venues. We then created each centre a dedicated ticketing page, to host their events. 

Location, location, location

Ever been on a hunt for an experience like a Christmas visit and had plenty of options to choose from? There might be so many in your local area, you don't know which is closest. With so many sites across the South, our branch's location feature was great for an informative customer journey. Page visitors, simply click "search location" and allow their browser to access their location, once accepted the main landing page is then populated with the distances to each branch, uniquely specific per user! This feature is perfect for sites like British Garden Centres with multiple locations. 

A magical result...

The result was sites up and running with an integrated payment gateway and user access for each site as well as master access to all sites. The set-up meant that British Garden Centres ticketing is now all in the same place, with a smooth customer journey and a back office management system to match. 

Bethany Roberts, British Garden Centres said; 

"We were looking for a system to accommodate a high volume of sites and bookings that would be easy to manage and use - we certainly found it!"

Posted By

Tara Beacroft

27th October, 2022

Posted By

Tara Beacroft

27th October, 2022

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