Clonfert Pet Farm Chooses DigiTickets and Website Vision!

Parties at Clonfert Pet Farm
Clonfert Pet Farm

The ticketing journey starts with your website. Which is why it's so important to have two incredible platforms that work seamlessly together, that's where Website Vision and DigiTickets come in!

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Tara Beacroft

8th August, 2022

A Thriving Local Farm

Established in 2009, Clonfert Pet Farm has been on one incredible journey! Starting off with just ten different types of animals and a small play area, they've come a long way since they first opened. Now, over ten years later, the site now includes a coffee shop, walkways, picnic areas, an additional outdoor play area, an indoor soft play area and mini-golf. It's safe to say that Clonfert Pet Farm is thriving!

A Perfect Partnership

What's next for the farm? Well, the only way is up! This year, they've upgraded both their website and online ticketing to create the perfect online customer journey. We know that your visitor journey is important, once your customers head to your website, through whatever channel they may choose, that's your chance to hook em'. So, having the most creative, beautifully designed website is absolutely key. This is where Website Vision came in! 

Effecting scoping with the client is always our first port of call, at Website Vision, and this time it was no different. Working with the Clonfert Team, we began building the first stages of the website. The first step is the site map! The site map is the way in which your website is laid out. Getting this spot on is extremely important. Signing off on the site map, takes place before any of the design stages begin. Why you ask? Well, having a beautiful design is very important to us and the best way to get this right, is to ensure that the mapping of the website makes sense before we get to the creative bit.

Click, Click, Buy

A key part of the design included an interactive online calendar which linked to DigiTickets. Of course, the website was phase one, and in tandem with this, the DigiTickets Project Team began to get started on the e-commerce side! Matching the design of the new website was key, plus, linking the website calendar to the ticketing page, means that customers can see what's on each day, and buy the matching tickets. 

The DigiTickets Team also focused on adding the tickets, memberships and gift vouchers to the ticketing site, ensuring the full experience for the Clonfert Team! 

Finally, we know that most customers are going to be on their phones (around 85%!), so both teams got to work on making sure that the site was optimised toward mobile customers and different devices.

The Results Are In!

The result? A beautiful website and online ticketing page, resulting in a seamless customer journey. Taking on big projects like this can always feel a bit scary. Plus, having two different providers for your website design and ticketing software can sometimes make you feel like the middle-man. Not anymore! Website Vision and DigiTickets work together to ensure a smooth project process that shows exceptional results. 

Posted By

Tara Beacroft

8th August, 2022

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