DigiTickets attends Tulley's Shocktober Fest!

Tulley's Pumpkin Picking

Last week, our Client Relationship Managers Ellie and Josh headed to Tulley's to experience this year's Shocktober Fest! It's safe to say that they had a night to remember.

Having worked with the team at Tulley's for over a decade, we couldn't wait to head to the behind-the-scenes event, hosted by Tulley's and the National Farm Attractions Network (NFAN). 

Today, Tulley's Entertainment Group has become one of the most popular attraction operators in the UK, operating Shocktober Fest and Pumpkin Picking, Escape Rooms, Sunflower Picking, Tea Rooms and on-site events; there's not much this group hasn't turned their hand too. Having been in the farming industry since 1911, Beare and Son's began to explore possibilities of combining experiential crop picking and traditional farming. Fast-forwarding to 1991, when Stuart Beare joined the family business, the events program we now see today began to come to life. 

First created in 1997, Shocktober is now very different from its grassroots beginnings. Today, the event sees over 80,000 visitors a year, in just a 5 week period. With 12 terrifying attractions and 400 live actors, this really is one of the world's best scare attractions. 

Here's what Ellie and Josh had to say; 

"We screamed until our throats have become sore"

"It's fair to say I'm completely broken"

"Scared by some of the BEST actors / freaks"

For over ten years, DigiTickets has helped Tulley's enhance their visitor experience, in a partnership that has grown over the many years of working together. DigiTickets supports ticketing for all of Tulley's attractions as well as its multiple websites. We're proud to be working closely with Tulley's Entertainment Group and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this phenomenal attraction. 

There's still time to visit this terrifying experience, are you brave enough? Buy tickets here

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25th October, 2022

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25th October, 2022

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