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The Beach at Clovelly

If ever you've followed a destination or travel account on social media, you'll likely have seen Clovelly featured. With its cobbled streets, historic harbour and stunning views, you can see why Clovelly has charmed visitors from all around the world. 

Originally owned by William the Conqueror, Clovelly has a long history, from being owned by England's first queen to featuring in Victorian novels; its certainly earned its place as a gem of Devon. Today, the village is owned by John Rous, who has been running the estate since 1983. Around 500 people live and work at Clovelly, and the site includes, a visitor centre, two museums, the Court Gardens, two hotels, two chapels and 2000 acres of farmland. 

Today, Clovelly offers the modern-day visitor a truly picturesque day out. Entry to the village begins 400ft above the sea and, with no vehicular access allowed, the visitor walks through the sprawling streets, towards the ancient harbour, with plenty of alcoves and side paths to explore along the way. Visitors pay an entrance fee and can enjoy the area for the entire day. Of course, one of the most recognisable features of Clovelly are its native donkeys, who played an important part in the village's ancient fishing trade, by dragging their precious cargo up the steep and winding paths. They've now since been replaced by sledges! 

The Set-up

When Clovelly looked at changing their ticketing provider we jumped at the chance to work with them. We've got a soft spot for Devon attractions so with Clovelly being so close to DigiTickets HQ, and, knowing their operation pretty well already, it seemed like the perfect fit. We began by working with the Clovelly Team, setting up the admission ticketing, memberships and garden entry, as well as liaising for a suitable time for the big switch to happen. Next, it was looking at some of the incredibly popular events held in the village. From their Lobster and Crab Feast to the Lifeboat Day, this attraction is quintessentially British. 

Integrated Payment Solutions

By partnering with Payyo, which works exclusively with DigiTickets, we were able to provide an integrated, all-in-one ticketing and payments solution. Using a payment gateway that integrates with your ticketing back office, well is a, must! Not only does it save you time and money but it makes life far easier. Refunds, over-the-phone payments and reports are all in one place, plus, support is there when you need it. Now, Clovelly's systems are aligned meaning they can focus on running their attraction.

It was a pleasure for us to help Clovelly, revamp and launch their online ticketing. If you are looking to change your ticketing provider, then get in touch with us today!

Posted By

Tara Beacroft

11th July, 2022

Posted By

Tara Beacroft

11th July, 2022

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